March 13, 2012

Why you need to save your home!!

By Timothy Stull (

The current mortgage crisis has been evolving over the last 5 years ~ throughout these years many homeowners have opted to default on their mortgage loans.  The main reason for opting to default links to one main fact – Loss of Equity.  Over 47% of all home owners have lost significant equity in their homes.  That loss has created a negative stigma within the economy.  A stigma that has given the public the impression that it is ‘OK’ to default and walk away. The overall negative impact on walking away has been enormous.  Listed below are the serious issues you must consider before making a huge mistake.


The current rental property shortage.  Rental property for post foreclosure individuals is extremely limited and overpriced.  There are long waiting lists in many metro areas. 

Land lords that rent out property to high risk clients are demanding 6+ month’s rent up front.  Most properties are also in less desirable areas as well.

Take a look at the current lifestyle your family lives in. Then ask yourself if you are willing to deal with the stress surrounding a high priced move for the worse.


       Loss of a IRS tax mortgage interest deduction.  Can you live without a big refund from Uncle Sam. 

       No mortgage payments = NO REFUND.


Severe negative credit reporting for many years. All banks will report negatively for many years during the foreclosure cycle. 

After the foreclosure takes place, the debt will be negatively reported for the next 10 years. 

The mortgage deficiency balance could haunt you for the next 20 years. 

Mortgage lenders are selling deficiency judgments to collection agencies. Collection agencies will make your life miserable until you pay them. 


You will want to explore all of your options. You need to be properly informed. You need to make sure that you have and expert in your corner. We are the experts in the foreclosure defense arena.  We know how to play the game to win. 

We will contact your lender FREE of charge. NO UPFRONT FEES CHARGED.


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