October 15, 2011

Why the Gov’t foreclosure counseling programs must end now.

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

This is a very controversial issue…on Capital Hill….on Wall Street & on Main Street.  The people have pleaded that we want a bail out….the banks received their bailout.  Now we want ours!!  What a mess.  Everyone wants a free pass in life.  When the real estate market melted down nearly 5 years ago, the Government set forth many public programs to stop the bleeding.  that was 5 years ago….I almost can’t believe it.  Since then the taxpayers have been billed nearly 170 billion dollars to fund these programs.  The programs don’t have any real teeth to them….they are simple suggestions for the banks to cooperate.  They have been a colossal failure.  Remember now, you are negotiating with a bank to modify the terms of a original loan.  This is no easy task….typically a very long run battle with the banks.  Moreover, the most important reason that the programs must be eliminated lies with the attitude of all home owners…..present and future.  The grand notion among the public now is that “If I can’t make my mortgage payments, no worries I can just run to the Gov’t for aid”.  I speak to hundreds of people every day with serious mortgage & financial problems….very few of them take the blame for the mess they are in.  The skip out on years of mortgage payments….they think it is OK.  Does this seem right?  Really??  It is everyone else’s fault….I want my bail out….life is not fair.  Not one word mentioned about a second job, some extra hustle & restructuring the budget.  No wonder the banks won’t lend any new money.  Now is it sinking in.  The Gov’t needs to step back and let people work through their own mortgage + housing issues.  Are we really going to want to fund these programs 2 years from now….5 years from now??  It is time to stop crying and start trying….stop talking and start walking.  Otherwise the economy, housing markets & credit markets will never repair themselves.  This may sound harsh, but it is the truth.  I am no nonsense “real business” guy from Milwaukee….Midwestern work ethic…there is no room out there to sugar coat this issue.  We defend all of our clients aggressively on foreclosure & debt matters.  We have made a name for ourselves.  We have also set many lives back on track….real counseling…no BS or games.  Feel free to call us anytime at 877.297.7011 for help or visit us at www.FreshStart-LegalNetwork.com

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