February 10, 2010

~~When will poor credit be the norm?

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

This is a question that I ponder often. It seems like so many people have fallen through the cracks ~ into bad credit land. The stats show now that the average credit score in the US is a 583….down from 678 4 years ago. This just goes to show you how many folks had artificially propped up scores….I mean rotating credit balances instead of genuine earning power. I am noticing many of my “rotating balance” clients dropping like flies. The money is just not there to pay the bills. Many people are having to opt for debt settlement to take care of all the collection issues that have popped up. Debt settlement is a great option that releives all of the stress & sets you back up on th right path. It is becoming widely accepted by banks and finance companies. It is a great alternative to bankruptcy. Please feel free to call me any time at 877.297.7011 with any questions relating to legal debt settlement.

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