January 20, 2010

Well ~ The Big Banks have reported Big Profits!!

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

The news is out this morning….Wells Fargo, Chase & B of A are all way in the black. The Tarp $ went in the door did its job for the banks. Most of the $$ was kept in treasuries as reserve. None was used to enhance the loss mitigation departments on a grand level. No $$ was spent on direct help to guide the home owners throught he loan modification process. The banks simply give you the paperwork and wish you luck….then proceeeding to pass your file around in a big circle….rep to rep….until you finally cave in and accept a bad deal from them. I have seen this happen on enormous amount of cases ~ building up on a further level daily. Now that the TARP $$ is paid back, the banks will continue to play games on a higher level. Leaving the people paying for the TARP ~ the American taxpayer ~ with a much tougher road ahead. For free advice any these complex issues fee free to call Timothy M. Stull at 877.297.7011

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