January 29, 2010

~~True Success with Bank of America

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Well B of A is up to their old games again. Refusing to work loan mods deals, twisting numbers & not following through properly. We are currently working a case where the customer clearly qualifies under the HAMP program ~ reducing her payments by 25%. There were various issues involving the dismissal of her Chapter 13 BK in August ~ leaving her with a seriously mixed up payment history. Needless to say, Bank of America has not been very helpful in fixing this issue. They have refused to supply the appropriate documents during discovery ~ documents that have been critical in fixing this issue. They are currently holding $12,165 of our clients money & not applying it to the mortgage ¬†loan payments. Their sneaky plan was to foreclose & then apply the $$ to attorney fees + late charges ~ giving them the ability to write off + file insurance claims on the outstanding loan. Well, through various persistent efforts, we received a stay on the foreclosure. The judge signed the stay due to trustee errors on the prior bankruptcy. All of sudden we get a call from B of A today….looking to work out a deal….go figure. For free aggressive defense advice feel free to call me any time at 877.297.7011.

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