July 2, 2012

Thinking of using NACA for loan modification help?

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Well you better think twice.  First and foremost, you must undertand that I have “old school” business ethics…..straight from the Midwest….Milwaukee, WI to be specific.  We have an old business credo that we stick to ~ “keepin’ it real”.  Everything that NACA is doing is far from from “keepin’ it real”.  You see, in order to complete a loan modification / mortgage loan work out,  you need to work the case diligently and hard.  You need to follow up and battle your way through rounds of objections and stipulations.  You need to be a bad ass and challenge the lender.  You need make very quick & strong strategic moves through out the process.  NACA does none of this.  NACA is paid off by the banks to do nothing with your loan mod case….to make your case go away.  NACA receives a ton of money from the Federal Government every time you fill out basic forms endorsed by them.  Hence, the reason they are holding “rock concert like” foreclosure prevention events.  Every one to the auditorium now…..listen to our song…..exit stage left please.  They have no incentive to follow through.  They have never been questioned by our current liberal government panel.  For the last 2 years,  NACA had an incredible run….the foreclosure moratorium was on….no foreclosure activity was moving ahead.  It looked like NACA was actually doing some real work.  Now the moratorium is over.  People are losing their homes in droves.  It is clear that NACA never did the work.  They have a very tough road ahead.  You owe it to yourself to “keep it real”.  Be wise about the path you take to save your home.

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