July 25, 2010

~~Things will never be the same again

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

I counsel countless clients with serious financial issues daily. Many clients have fallen into hard times because of an income decline. Almost all are waiting for the “golden job” ~ waiting for the economic glory days to come back. News flash ~ things have permanently changed ~ the economy has shifted into a new mold. You must adapt to survive!! Many jobs are gone ~ permanently. You may ask ~ how can this be ~ eventually all jobs come back during a recovery. Not this time around ~ most jobs created during the latest credit bubble should have never existed. Businesses had access to so much credit, that they could create jobs and absorb the financial risk. Now, since we are in a cash based economy ~ for a while ~ these jobs are never coming back. Businesses need production ~ support positions will be filled only when seriously needed. Contract work will be the new age of employment expansion. Now, I have also consulted many clients who now earn alt more $$ via contract labor. Its every man for him self ~ adapt to survive.

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