January 23, 2010

The new battle royal~ Gov’t vs Banks

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Well, it seems like we have quite the old fashioned brew ha ha going here. I have to salute President Obama for his gutsy moves against the banks to attempt to get the current banking fiasco in order. We the people paid for the bailout $$ that helped the banks regain solid footing and become profitable again. They in turn have done everything immaginable to stall, deny or twist loan modification applications. They now have a very cavalier attitude when it comes to dealing with the public on loan mods.  They have become threatening & demeaning when dealing with the public. Anyone that thinks they can get a solid loan modification done on their own, better think again ~ that ship has sailed. Have you seen the PV formula used in determing the derivative of a solid loan mod client ~ you honestly need to be a decendent of Einstein to figure it out. I have exceptionally strong math + statistics aptitude and I have a hard time understanding the full relevancy of all the sub equations within the formula. They are simply using the formula as a excuse to stall & not complete peramanent modifications. President Obama’s recent moves basically will force banks to make money the old fashioned way ~ by making new loans and serving the public. It will also carve up the banking system to avoid any further monopoly business traits that banks have recently adopted. Bravo, President Obama!! Though I don’t agree with all of your decisions ~ this one I believe will hit the spot to fix the credit crunch down the road. For those of you looking to get a loan mod done ~ be prepared for the long treacherous battle ~ one that should be fought without an expert in your corner. Feel free to call me, Timothy M. Stull at 877.297.7011 for free advice any time.

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