May 26, 2015


By Timothy Stull (

Are you aware of why you’re constantly hearing this coined phrase, regarding any form of communication with the bank?

“This is an attempt to collect on a debt, any information obtained will be used for that purpose!”

 Let’s think about what that really means?

The collector on the other end of the phone is paid to collect money on your delinquent balance. Hence the reason for the constant barrage of phone calls and asking whether or not your financial situation has improved. Like you can just simply waltz into one of your favorite fortune 500 companies and be hired on the spot!

From the beginning of the call, the mortgage collector is trained to gather information in order to position the bank more firmly for two purposes:


  1. Either collect on the debt, based on terms favorable for the banks repayment.
  2. Position the bank for recovery of the collateral while collecting payments to satisfy what’s owed to the Bank.


Due to a combination of things including, but not limited to unfavorable trial mod agreements which are designed only for the bank to collect money or temporary trial plans which unravel at the end of the terms; thousands of families are continuing to be plagued by the mortgage crisis every day.

Economists are predicting up to 11 million mortgages will go into default based on the projected default rates of the of the current demographics:

*Non-performing loans

*Re-performing loans

*Underwater loans

*Adjustable loans


Until the banks change their coined phrase to

“This is an attempt to modify your loan, any information obtained will be used for that purpose”

You will need to hire aggressive counsel in order to successfully argue your way through every objection the bank and this markets ever-changing wheel of Insanity throws at you.

We have successfully handled thousands of loan modification case over the last 14 years.  We have battled through every possible objection with all mortgage lenders and can most likely help you.

Feel free to call us any time for advice at 877.297.7011 or email us at

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