September 7, 2011

The Banks are being sued by the Federal Government

By Timothy Stull (

We had a feeling this was coming down the line.  It has been nearly 4 years since the banks were bailed out….they have not cooperated with distressed home owners at all.  They have played games with the loan modification process…..denying loan modification applications left and right….trapping clients in foreclosure….misapplying payments.  They have used all of the bailout funds to hire armies of bill collectors….they were supposed hire staff to help modify loans.  Now they are facing the consequences.  Make no mistake about it, this situation is going to get very ugly.  The banks are very set in their ways…..they have operated the same way for hundreds of years.  They are not going to change any time soon.  If you think that you had any chance of getting a loan modification completed on your own….think again!  The banks will need to collect as much money as possible to cover their legal fees.  They are going dig in and turn this game into trench warfare.  You will need to apply serious legal pressure to get your loan maodication  / foreclosure prevention case to the finish line.  Fresh Start Legal Network has connections with 25 aggressive foreclosure attorneys nationwide.  Please call us at 877.297.7011 for your free case consultation today.

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