January 10, 2010

Stop bill collectors from harrasing you~~

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

This Great Recession has left many people with a huge mountain of debt. Many people could not pay their debt obligations due serous income reduction or drastic credit over extension. The current stats are mind boggling ~ average defaulted credit card debt amounts to nearly $37,000 per household. With the economy beginning improve, many people are looking to pay off debt and improver their credit score. But where do they start? Bill collectors calling, attorney suing on them on credit cases, their accounts being sold to vulture debt buyers & account balances that bounce up and down….whew…..handling all of this on your own can be nearly impossible. However, once you are back on your feet it is best to consult with a consultant. It is normally best to get registered in a debt settlement or credit counseling program. Both programs stop bill collectors from harassing you. I will be publishing a series of articles relating to ins and outs of both programs. Please keep in mind. I ~ Timothy Stull worked in collection business for 12 years with large large firms in Chicago. I have also worked consulting folks with serious credit issues for 22 years. I feel my advise is worth its weight in gold ~ feel free to call me at 877.297.7011 with any questions or email me at dealcloser1969@yahoo.com

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