September 18, 2011

Mortgage Lenders are accelerating the foreclosure process.

By Timothy Stull (

The banks have pushed the pedal to the floor.  Banks & mortgage servicers have elected to speed up up the foreclosure process.  They are at war with the Federal Government over mortgage fraud issues….things are bound to get really ugly very fast.  All of the broad based loan modification programs have failed….banks are having a very hard time communicating with home owners.  People have been led to believe they are entitled to a loan modification or loan principal adjustment….most have a certain level of expectation that is way to high.  This is just a colossal mess!  There is another alarming statistic that has surfaced.  8.3 million borrowers are more than 6 months past due….70% of those folks have not made any attempt to contact their lender, a counselor or an attorney to work out their issue.  Even though I am an advocate for the consumer and home owner, I do feel that there are simply way to many people that are abusing the system.  The banks are out to clean up this mess in a hurry.  The banks also know that we are heading into the holiday season….a good time to turn up the heat….nobody wants to lose their home during the holiday season.  Battling a speedy foreclosure process can be a very daunting task.  The banks have hired attorneys to proceed quickly.  You will need an attorney to counter the foreclosure proceedings in order save your home.  Regardless of whether you feel this right or wrong….they are the true facts.  For a free case review please call us at 877.297.7011 or visit  We have 25 attorneys within our network that can help you!

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