October 25, 2010

~Mortgage foreclosure deficiency collector cometh!

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Mortgage deficiencies ~ the next wolf at the door. Recent foreclosures have left the banks with massive deficiency amounts ~ and they are out to collect it. This massive “tidal wave” of collection activity has just begun. It could last for many years to come….causing massive controversy amongst the public & ruining credit scores for a very long time. These deficiency issues will be very massive (100k+) and complex in nature (specific credit reporting will be questionable). All in all, those that lost homes to foreclosure will have another fiasco to deal with. I do have clients starting to come to me with these issues. I will continue to expand on this complex topic in future blogs. Please feel free to call me at 877.297.7011 with any questions on this matter.

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