March 6, 2010

Jobs and a bad credit report!!

By Timothy Stull (

Landing a new job is tough enough in this economy….a bad credit report only adds fuel to the fire!! The recent “Great Recession” that we have experienced has forced many folks into the the bad credit zone….bankruptcy, foreclosure & late payments are now a common element in today’s society. The state govt agencies have established new laws relating to these issues….however, most employers will turn a blind eye to the rules. Employers are scrutinizing every resume from top to bottom….you will need a solid explanation for derogatory credit. The best advice that I can give anyone that has fallen on tough times is to be proactive. Most of my clients put their heads in the sand during this recession and their problems have snow balled. Credit reports can turn into a very complex problem when negative items report consistently over time. Vulture debt buyers & cross reporting in the CBR will only add problems to the mix. It is easy to get in big credit trouble and very difficult to dig your way out. Showing your potential employer that you are taking an aggressive approach to tackling your credit problems will improve your odds of landing that new job. It takes alot of time, knowledge & discipline to repair credit. the sooner that you act ~ the better. An expert in your corner will make all the difference in the world. I have 22 years experience counseling individuals with serious credit issues. Fee free to call 877.297.7011 anytime for a free consultation.

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