May 8, 2010

**Job growth and upward market pressures

By Timothy Stull (

The economy added more jobs in April 2010 than any other month in the last 4 years. This is definitely great news. However, it does add some interesting upward pressures in the market. Primarily in credit markets. Banks have become less forgiving & more resistant when it comes to the loan modification process. They feel that more $$ is available to collect ~ hence they are holding out for much longer periods ~ attempting to collect on multiple circular levels. This spells trouble for all home owners attempting to ascertain a loan modification. Lenders have increased their front line collection departments ~ tending to play games with the home owners emotions during the loan modification process. Utilizing an attorney has never been more important in the loan modification process. Feel free to call me for an aggressive attorney referral at 877.297.7011.

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