September 14, 2011

Is working with a non profit mortgage counselor right for you?

By Timothy Stull (

We are asked this question every day.  After all, why should you pay when you can get help for free.  Well, there are a number of things to consider when choosing to work with a non for profit group.

1.  Remember since you are paying nothing, they have no direct obligation to help you.  They are not committed to spending a certain amount of hours on your case.  If you are over anxious about your case, you will want to hire an attorney that is dedicated to your case.

2. They will typically work the easiest cases first.  They are buried with work, so they take the path of least resistance.  If your case is complex or dynamic, your best bet is to hire an attorney.

3.  They are over worked, underpaid & not fully trained.  There is huge turn over in the non profit mortgage counseling sector.  The foreclosure prevention business is brutal on good days….it is a niche business that the premium talent will ultimately demand big pay.  Hence, alot of the great talent leaves to work with private law firms. 

4.  The non profit groups receive direct funding from the banks.  Essentially they work for the banks.  Who is really ready to work for you?  Enough said here.

Like the old saying goes ~ “You get what you pay for”.  You definitely can’t let your foreclosure situation spin out of control either.  Many clients come to us so late in the game that there legal costs have increased greatly.  It is best to get the proper legal help early.  The Fresh Start Legal Network offers a free consultation ~ please call 877.297.7011.  If your case is simple, we will advise you to take the free non profit route.  If your case needs legal attention, we will steer you in the right direction.

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