November 21, 2011

FTC investigating banks regarding “fake” loan mods

By Timothy Stull (

I knew this was coming. Aurora Bank is the first of many banks to be investigated for “misleading” or “fake” loan modifications. 2008 & 2009 were the years many banks offered temporary loan modifications that had no end in sight. Make three payments to get final approval… make six payments….now make nine payments. Whoops….sorry, your we must foreclose on your house now. But we wish you the best of luck….really we do. This nonsense has affected nearly 3 million families. The FTC is pushing this button very hard….each case could cost banks 10K to 60K in damages. If you had a temp loan modification in the past & have been given the runaround….YOU MUST TAKE ACTION NOW. You must strike while the iron is hot. The right legal pressure will get you the deal of the century. We offer a no cost consultation at the Fresh Start Legal Network ~ 877.297.7011 ~

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One Response to “FTC investigating banks regarding “fake” loan mods”

  1. David Blackledge Says:

    Seterus did this to us in 2209. All this time I thought we were paying a Harp loan. Loan keeps going up. All this time, I thought it was a HARP loan. Did you want to represent us?

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