September 12, 2011

Foreclosures Concentrated, But Effects Felt Right At Home.

By Timothy Stull (

 This from CNBC: Every time we get the monthly foreclosure numbers from RealtyTrac, we hear someone on TV say, ‘Well, the problem is really only concentrated in a handful of states.” Yes, the volumes are, the problems are not.Take a read from the RealtyTrac release: “Five states accounted for 51 percent of U.S. foreclosure activity in May, led by California, where 51,906 properties received a foreclosure filing during the month. A total of 19,192 Florida properties received a foreclosing filing in May, the second highest state total.A total of 14,614 Michigan properties received a foreclosure filing in May, the third highest state total, followed by Arizona, with 13,122, and Nevada, with 11,039 properties.

Other states with foreclosure activity totals among the nation’s 10 highest in May were Illinois (10,574), Georgia (10,503), Texas (9,055), Ohio (8,379), and Wisconsin (4,660).”

We would argue that despite these numbers, the foreclosure crisis affects every market in every state in the nation, due to the direct correlation to falling home prices.

But more importantly, the foreclosure crisis affects every person – man, woman, and child – in the home that is being foreclosed. Who cares about national numbers when it’s YOUR home?

Has your family fallen victim to the UNFORGIVING TOILS of the foreclosure process?

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