Foreclosure Prevention

Please be advised that all loan modification processing is done FREE of charge.

Foreclosure prevention legal services have been around for decades. Since 1999, the owners of the Fresh Start Firm have counseled homeowners facing foreclosure. Typically, when a homeowner is facing foreclosure, they need to restructure their loan. Ultimately they need relief from the original terms of the loan in order to avoid foreclosure. This relief has been commonly known as a “loan modification” in today’s market. However, we do feel that the term “loan workout” is better suited for the current changing times.

A loan workout is nothing short of an extreme negotiation process with the bank or mortgage servicer. There is nothing easy about the negotiation process. You must remember that the bank makes more money by placing you in a short-handed deal, a deal that favors the bank heavily.

Remember, you are not entitled to a loan workout from the bank. They do not owe you anything; any deal from the bank is a privilege. Negotiating a loan workout on your own will waste your time, cause anxiety and produce extreme aggravation. We have always compared it to “negotiating with a pack of wolves while wearing a suit made of t-bone steaks”. In short, the bank has legal counsel and they are not looking out for your best interests. You deserve a legal expert in your corner!

Government Programs

Many people ask “what about the Government Program?” or “what about the rules surrounding HAMP?” Simply put, the Federal Government did a very poor job launching the program. There are no specific rules that the banks must follow. The banks misused the TARP money that was given to them to fuel the HAMP program. The HAMP program is a 180+ page list of “gray area” rules and laws. Banks will twist the context of many of the laws to find a way to deny the homeowner for a modification. Banks will use bait and switch techniques against the homeowner during the HAMP
qualification process. Hence, you must argue your way into the HAMP program. This is a very daunting task for the homeowner to handle.

Bank Loan Modifications

Which leads us to the “internal loan modification programs” or the “classic workout.” Though many mortgage servicers and banks have mortgage modification programs available, most tend to make it very difficult to enter into a program that makes sense. Many lenders will use aggressive collection tactics that prey on the homeowner’s emotions. They are also aware the homeowner lacks knowledge to negotiate effectively. Many banks and mortgage companies offer huge incentives to their collection departments for meeting certain quotas. These incentives often stand in the way of a successful loan modification for the homeowner.

Many homeowners have found it nearly impossible to ascertain positive results without representation. The banks are looking out for their best interests; they are corporations designed to make money. The nasty games they play with homeowners during the loan modification process are truly ridiculous. The banks or their collection departments do not intimidate our firm. Our attorneys cut through the red tape and get you the relief you deserve.

Walking Away?

Some people think that simply walking away is the best option. Choosing this option will result in short term satisfaction and long term pain. Heavy deficiency balances due and severe credit damages loom for the long run. Repair on these damages will take an incredible amount of time and money. If you are leaning towards walking away, you must negotiate a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” contract with the bank. A deed in lieu will allow you to avoid the extreme liabilities of simply walking away. There are many clauses within a deed in lieu contract that are extremely complex. Negotiating the proper deed in lieu contract does require the expertise of aggressive representation.

Stalling Foreclosure

Stalling the foreclosure process may sometimes be what the homeowner needs to prepare a better financial future. There are a series of complex legal strategies that can be executed to stall out the foreclosure for a long period of time.

The Fresh Start Firm can handle any complex problem relating to foreclosure defense. Please call 877-297-7011 to obtain a free expert foreclosure prevention analysis.