October 24, 2010

**Foreclosure activity will be more aggressive than ever

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Recent horrible press against the banks will have them pressing the foreclosure process harder and faster. They simply do not have much of a choice. Quite frankly too many people are abusing the system. Negating mortgage payments from your budget for 18+ months can lead to a nice nest egg in the bank. Then there are the issues surrounding “rental fraud” ~ collecting rent and not paying the mortgage. Banks are furious with both of these practices & see no reason halt foreclosures. However, this only accounts for 35% of all foreclosure cases….there are many home owners struggling to work a decent loan modification case through with their lender. Collection practices have become much harsher at many banks….leaving struggling home owners in the lurch. Banks simply aren’t taking the time to figure out who is a “real player” in the foreclosure prevention game. However, if your modification case is presented correctly & the rules surround governed laws are pushed….you can get the deal you need to save your home. This requires aggressive attorney representation ~ experience will matter the most. You will need an expert in your corner. Please call 877.297.7011 or visit www.FreshStart-LegalNetwork for the a free attorney consultation.

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