March 16, 2012

Don’t wait for your Foreclosure Number to be called!!

By Timothy Stull (

The facts and statistics don’t lie. Over the last two years many banks have not proceeded with foreclosure activity. The banks basically halted all foreclosure activity due to the looming federal lawsuits that they faced. They halted the the foreclosure train in its tracks. For many homeowners it seemed like a free ride. Lots of extra spending money ~ essentially free housing. Now the dust has settled….no more law suits are pending….foreclosures are now open season again. Now
the banks have an enormous amount of delinquent loans to sort through…..but the foreclosure train is now moving at high speed. The recent article on CNN explains….

The banks are working double overtime to work through the numbers. Your best bet is to approach them before they approach you. If you wait for your number to be called, you put yourself in an extremely bad position. Approaching your bank may seem like a daunting task. You feel intimidated & just don’t know where to start. We have been negotiating with banks for 11 years….we are not intimidated at all. If anything, they are intimidated with us. We will contact your bank
absolutely FREE. We will report solid answers & offer solutions. No pressure & no obligation. You deserve an expert in your corner.

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  1. Benderbri Says:

    Great article, Tim.

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