May 22, 2018


By Timothy Stull (

The simple answer to this is YES!  Contrary to what the general public has been led to believe, foreclosure action on second mortgages and HELOC’s are really big problem.  Mortgage servicers can foreclose, buy out your first mortgage and then proceed with eviction.  Since HELOC’s carry the same traits as credit card debts, open foreclosure judgments can lead to wage garnishments and bank levies as well.  There are many defenses that you can raise to protect yourself, but they are very complex in nature.  Lack of debt validity, statute of limitations and FDCPA violations are just a few that that can be raised.  The epic financial crisis in 2007 left a a huge crop of these huge defaulted second mortgages that were purchased by vulture debt buyers.  These vulture debt buyers then pad the balances to enrich their bottom line.  Firms such as Real Time Resolutions, Ocwen, Rushmore and Mr. Cooper have wreaked havoc on real estate closings and credit reports….simply by violating the law and playing dirty pool.  We know how these firms operate and how to force them into compliance.  We have helped thousands of home owners with these second mortgage / HELOC foreclosure problems….WE CAN LIKELY HELP YOU!!



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