November 23, 2014


By Timothy Stull (

The mortgage and foreclosure crisis that stunned our economy in 2007, has yet to resolve itself.  Actually, the worst is yet to come.  The statement “worst” does relate to the volume of foreclosures…it really relates the intensity of the process.  The recent 2 year price spike in housing values, has pushed banks towards favoring repossessing the asset instead of working modifications out with home owners.  The volume of people that are “upside down” on mortgages has dropped from 47% in 2009 to 11% in 2014.  There is an open estimate that nearly 3 to 4 million families are more than a year past due on payments.  Most of these families are now caught in a virtual “twilight zone” with their lender.  Some made bad financial budgeting decisions in the past and some simply fell victim to a sour economy.  Whichever the reason, nearly all families want to save their home due to the fast rising equity tide.  However, now with banks and non –bank servicers being extremely uncooperative in the loan modification process, a lot of pressure has entered this market.  HAMP and Government intervention on these matters is winding down.  Many say that “foreclosure fatigue” has set in and the regulatory agencies simply don’t want to tackle the problems any more.  I frankly feel the Government bit off way more than they could chew and now are trying to find a way to wiggle out of the mess.  All of these issues mentioned lead us to the perfect storm now.  Everyone (banks and people) want the property.  The banks want their money & really don’t want to modify loans.  The people don’t have the money and are pressing the banks to follow the “alleged” rules created by the Federal Government.  My professional opinion is that it will be every man for himself moving forward.  Government intervention has lapsed and the GIANT has awoken.  Without an aggressive strategic plan, the banks will abuse you and you will lose your home.  You must be prepared to battle the GIANT.  He is armed and ready to battle.  Are you ready?  Our office has helped thousands of families battle the GIANT.  We have the proven success track record and will set up a strategic plan for you FREE of charge.  Feel free to call us at 877.297.7011

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