April 22, 2012

Avoid the pitfalls of “FREE” foreclosure help!

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

There is an old saying in  in business ~ ” You get what you pay for”.  This credo has been the focal point of many folks important business decisions.  The business of foreclosure prevention / loan restructuring is really no exception to the rule.  The US Government has developed a business model to restructure mortgage loans that is a proven failure.  However, they continue to try and “mask” the program ~ giving the public a false sense of hope.  Remember that you can put lipstick & a dress on a pig….but at the end of the day it is still the same old pig.  Listed below are the issues that you need to address before relying on “FREE” help to save your home.

1.  HUD counselors all other no profit groups receive funding from the banks.  They do what the banks tell them to do.  They will not challenge the banks or put up a fight at all.  Who will be looking out for your best interests?

2.  HUD counselors are overworked, underpaid & inexperienced.  They are overloaded with case files. They can’t pay special attention to your case.  They can’t return phone calls timely.  They are newbies to the loss mitigation arena & they are not efficient.  Who will be working your mortgage file with expertise and care?

3.  The Government programs are all dying on the vine.  HAMP is strictly a cooperative program with million layers to it.  Simply submitting paperwork will not complete your loan modification case.  You will need to argue your way through waves of stipulations.  Haggling with the bank is a full time job.  “FREE” counselors are only trained submit paperwork…not argue through stipulations.   Who will argue and haggle with the bank on your behalf?

Remember, there is no quick fix your foreclosure problem.  The battle to save your home will be long and grueling.  Beware of any organization that claims that simply “filing paperwork” will fix the problem.  We have been battling and challenging banks since 2001.  We know what techniques work and how to battle to the finish line.  Feel free to call 877.297.7011 for more information.

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