August 29, 2011

At what point should you consult a foreclosure attorney?

By Timothy Stull (

If your family is currently battling foreclosure, you may have felt as though you are not being heard when communicating your families’ hardship to the mortgage lender.

Have you noticed that you seem to never have an opportunity to speak with the same person more than once? Does it feel as though no real urgency is being communicated from customer service to fix things for your families’ situation as time runs out? Are you being shuffled and herded like cattle through what seems to be and endless encounter of obstacles and pitfalls? Have you developed health conditions that were NOT preexisting before you went into default 16 months ago? Is your marriage in trouble from the sleepless nights, stress and paranoia of coming home from work to another notice that you do not understand?

If you have answered YES; to any of the following questions, chances are you need to consider consulting a real-estate attorney!

While a number of books and other resources are available that teach borrowers how to save their homes on their own, there are a number of reasons to at least consult with an attorney when attempting to stop a bank from continuing with foreclosure.

The first reason that borrowers should consider hiring a lawyer to help them stop foreclosure is simply that the banks will have an army of attorneys pursuing the lawsuit or trustee sale on there side. Many times, these bank-hired lawyers will not even take calls from homeowners, but will communicate with another attorney that is representing the residents. They speak the same language and know that your attorney can make the process very time-consuming and difficult for the Banks they work for.

Another reason to consider hiring an attorney is simply assurance against a corrupted System, which we have all either witnessed first hand or know someone that’s been unjustly deceived by the bank. In cases where homeowners represent themselves, the judges and bank’s attorneys may ignore the borrowers while continuing the foreclosure process despite any valid claims that may be raised against it. When a lawyer on the homeowner’s side is present to object to this corruption, it is far less likely to occur.

Last, your home is the biggest investment of your life and will affect your families’ financial future for many years to come.

You Deserve an Expert in Your Corner!

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