February 4, 2010

~~Are we at the end of a 9 year double dip recession?

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

Everyone has different thoughts about the recent economic fiasco we have been through. It has been labeled “The Great Recession” by many….my thoughts are thoat it was the deep tail spin of a double dip recession that began in Sept 2001. Every remember?? We had just endured the longest stretch of economic expansion of all time during the 90’s ~ nearly 10 years!! It all came crashing down when the tech bubble burst. So much hinged on tech at that time & it was the spark that lit alot of business wires….the spark was distant and gone…unemployment issues spread widely. Everyone must remember that tech expansion creates so many jobs multiple times over ~ it creates more product, services &  most imprtant time ~ which allows businesses to do more tasks faster. The tech biz has been dead for the last 9 years….it never made it back….until now. It is now expanding greatly and will lead the way to full economic recovery. But what about the glory years of 2003 to 2007? What glory years?? Everything was propped up up falsely by credit & over inflated. I like to call them them the “monopoly money” years….expansion was fueled by fake $$ ~ over expanded credit.  The job market never got any better & people did not make more money ~ they just borrowed more money. The market was propped up by a huge credit bubble ~ a long run of low interest rates & a real estate frenzy.  It may not seem like it, but the recovery is really starting to pick up steam ~ more good news daily ~ the jobs will follow soon!!  Every economic recovery starts where it failed in the beginning…..tech in and tech out.

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