February 3, 2010

~~A Sure Bet

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

There are few things that I consider to be a sure bet. The bet that the Federal Government is going to stay out of the foreclosure crisis is a a sure one. They spent 75 billion dollars to get get 30,000 loan modifications done….a collosal waste of money….the non for profit groups are screwing up deals so bad that people losing homes daily….one of the senior officials for the US banking commision has now stated the loan mods are very complex and the banks don’t have enough staff with the knowledge to hack it. The focus on Capital Hill is on jobs jobs jobs!! Exporting product overseas is now the super hot toipic. The distressed home owner has been left in the lurch….over 10 million people are more than 90 days late on mortgage payments….the number keeps growing daily. The Fed Gov’t simply can’t propose any further foreclosure related help….they would need to address the 75 billion mistake….to much hassle there….they have moved on to bigger and better things. If you need free advice regarding serious foreclosure or other debt issues feel free to call me at 877.297.7011. Another great bet ~ Milwaukee Brewers ~ 23/1 for NL Pennant or 50/1 for World Champs. One of best hitting line ups in baseball & much improved pitching. Go Brewers 2010!!

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