January 12, 2010

$75 Billion down the drain!!

By Timothy Stull (http://www.fresh-start.co)

It is time for the fed gov’t to keep their nose out of the foreclosure mess / loan modification game. $75 billion has been essentially wasted on gov’t programs launched in February 2009. The loan mod deals are not getting done ~ banks are playing games with the programs ~ twisting numbers to keep from having to modify loans for the long run. It is very unever playing field ~ The Giant Bank against the scared home owner. Most home owners have started to hire attorneys to even the playing field and push deals through. Please feel free to call 877.297.7011 or visit www.FreshStart-MortgageSolutions.com for free info. The video below tells the whole story ~ this will go down as one largest financial spending blunders of all time!


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